The Belle Custom Name Necklace features fancy font to spell out a name or word of your choice. A signature piece that's all your own!

Customize Me! Choose up to 12 characters to personalize your necklace. Anything you want! Some popular options for people are nicknames, such as Grandmothers who want to have their own personal nickname that their grandkids call them.

How to make it yours? If you would like to customize this piece with something other than your name or nickname, why not choose a word of inspiration such as 'Strength', 'Breathe' 'Love' or 'Grateful'. Those are some common phrases we see being used. Whatever is personal and meaningful to you!

How To Preview Your Special Word?  Simply type your name or word into the "Name" box and click the Preview button. Please note, the color you see in the preview is whatever color you have chosen in the "Color" box below the Preview button.

Chain length: This is a 16" chain, and will hug a bit closer around your neck as shown in the photo, This is so the name or word you choose will be easily seen.

Made from high grade stainless steel and plated in your choice of finishing; Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver!